The Classic Wedding Tie Collection

There isn't another day as important as one's wedding and here, at Knotting Club, we truly understand that. Wearing a tie on your wedding day is probably the safest bet but making your pick from the innumerable options out there can be a tricky task. With our Wedding Ties collection, we make the job much easier for you.

At Knotting Club, we believe in keeping a wedding tie simple yet elegant. Much of our collection consists of hand-picked shades of the highest quality solid-satin that is hand-stitched into the perfect tie for your big day. Working with satin-silk is hard, but with our skilled craftsmanship, we ensure you a tie that is the epitome of elegance. Below, you'll find shades that are frequently sought for any wedding: reds, blues, purples, champagne, greens or blacks - we have them all sorted! We've also included in the collection a few beautifully made silk knitted ties in emerald green, light blue and grey shades. If you're venturing into an adventurous territory with your pick, we've got you covered with our picture-perfect floral wedding ties in black and blue shades, a Prince of Wales check tie, also known as glen check or plaid, with purple woven detailing and a microprint tie with airplanes on a blue base. 

So, if you're the groom, one of the lucky groomsmen, a guest or someone simply wishing to find the perfect tie as a wedding gift for a dear friend, this collection is for you. P.S. Our ties come wrapped in the most beautifully made tie box that you can find, with no added cost on your purchase.